Custom size whiteboards

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Convenient, practical and ideal for all those who need to save important information quickly. The dry erase board is the ideal solution for both office and private spaces. Its great advantage is the possibility to order a special size, which allows to increase the efficiency of the workplace and to extend the educational function for the youngest family members. Dry erase boards are extremely easy to install and especially resistant to external factors, thanks to which they keep their functional properties for many years.

Custom Size Dry Erase BoardSee more details

Custom Size Dry Erase Board

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Dry Erase Magnet Small SizesSee more details

Dry Erase Magnet Small Sizes

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Dry Erase MagnetSee more details

Dry Erase Magnet

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Whiteboard On Fridge In Any SizeSee more details

Whiteboard On Fridge In Any Size

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Whiteboard in any size

Ordering a board to size allows you to ideally adapt it to the space and to realize your own vision of the arrangement.

This is particularly important in various educational institutions and companies where a large and clear space allows for a more complete and accurate presentation of thoughts for notes and graphic symbols. You can choose either a small board above the desk or a board for the entire office wall. A board in any size can also be used in rooms with unusual sizes.

Dry erase board for the office

A dry erase board to size is perfect for the office! What are its advantages? You can quickly take all the necessary notes, hold an important conference, and afterwards wipe off the inscriptions in just one movement. The whiteboard will be ready for further work right away, which will prove to be extremely important for conference rooms where many events take place in one day.

Children's whiteboard

For their practicality, universality and safety in use, the whiteboards are also suitable for schools and children's rooms. They will be used for first words, simple calculations or small works of art. You can also use it while playing. Our boards are completely safe for children and the environment.

Dry erase magnet - practical solutions

In our offer you will find, apart from the whiteboards on size, also universal dry erase magnets. You can place them on any flat, metal surface, such as fridge, dishwasher or even the side of a car! The magnets have the same wear-resistant properties as boards, additionally they are available in different colours, which allows for their wide application in offices, conference rooms, private interiors, production halls or also in warehouses.

Check our offer of whiteboards and magnets and choose the perfect solution to your needs!

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