Black Magnetic Dry-Erase Board in any size

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Black Magnetic Dry-Erase Board in any size

Fantastic self-adhesive white and color board, which may be a perfect solution in any company and training institutions. It can be used for many years as a practical tool during the lectures, seminars, conferences, meetings and multimedia presentations.

simple instalation

Just stick the board on a flat surface - wall, tabletop, desk or even furniture. You can also easily removed it at any time - simply peel off without leaving any marks. The board can be ordered in any size prepared to your individual needs.

Use only pens intended for the whiteboard to write.

Why self-adhesive boards?

board to your home!

It is a great idea for family current affairs notebook ? put it in the kitchen or hall. It can also be a fantastic solution to combine usefulness and pleasure - let it be a great fun for your children: a practical place for drawings, first letters or "golden means".


If your selected size exceeds in both directions 135 cm, the board will consist of parts. For color boards limit is set for 120 or 100 cm depending on your color choice.

This product is made to order, according to specifications provided by the customer, and produced upon placing an order. Please consider your purchases carefully.

Why Choose a Dry-Erase Board at

We deeply believe that by choosing magnetic dry-erase boards for children at, you are investing in your child's development, which will translate into their creativity and expressive ability. We invite you to contact our specialists who will help you find the perfect solutions. Learn more about the values we adhere to and why you should choose boards for children at Wally.

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Black Magnetic Dry-Erase Board in any size
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Black Magnetic Dry-Erase Board in any size
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