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The scratch card world map

Before the child goes to school and learns that a colourful map in the atlas is something to heart, in order to recreate the course of rivers and mountain ranges on its contour equivalent, it is worth making the map simply fascinating for him. After all, a map is a world in miniature - a strongly imaginative piece of paper that can become a source of travel inspiration, an incentive to learn foreign languages or geography. The map is a guarantee that you will get to where you want to go, and when you deviate from the trail you will still get home.

The scratch-off map is all the more valuable as a scientific aid and attraction as it offers the possibility of individual discovery of the places located on it. All countries on all continents are covered with a uniformly coloured scratch card, which can be removed depending on the plan. The child can discover the countries that he or she visits successively with his or her parents during the holidays. It can also learn geography in this way: discovering countries on a map makes it easier to remember their name and location.

Decoration dedicated to travelers who like to travel

In the home of traveling enthusiasts there is never a lack of traditional maps. Travelers are people who use GPS as often as others, but cannot imagine planning a trip without a paper map. The wall decoration in the form of a scratch map is the first map that a child can deal with. The child will also be able to plan small and large journeys or look for places that for whatever reason seem fascinating - for example, because of their intriguing name or location.

Map-scratch in the frame is also a good solution. However, provided that it is inserted into this frame, when the child discovers all the countries of the world - then the monochrome map will become colorful and will be a perfect decoration of the young traveller's room. Now you can also hang the map in the living room. It will not only be a visually attractive decoration, but also a proof that family passions are passed down from generation to generation.

Original wall decorations

It's not always easy to decorate the walls of an apartment. More and more rarely we decide on framed paintings, preferring lighter, more modern and original decorations. Apart from wall stickers, self-painted graphics from templates or wallpapers, unique posters or maps appear on our walls. A scratch-off map is an interactive decoration, which for some time draws the household members into discovering the world, and then becomes an attractive colorful decoration. It is easy to imagine that the walls of a flat can be decorated with more maps, also with a map of Poland.

Maps in scratch&travel version is a unique opportunity to learn geography joyfully and great fun for all amateur travelers. Never before have traveling with your finger on the map been so pleasant and did not give so a realistic feeling that the world is at your fingertips. These original wall decorations are suitable for both the children's room and the living room.

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Over 30 thousand satisfied customers
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