Steel Film With Glue Width 100 cm

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Steel Film With Glue Width 100 cm

Discover our innovative self-adhesive ferromagnetic film with a width of 100 cm, which is the perfect alternative to metal surfaces. This flexible film, equipped with iron ferrite particles, has an extraordinary ability to attract magnets. Now you can easily create magnetic walls, cover doors, furniture, or any other smooth surface.

Our steel film with adhesive is not only exceptionally practical but also safe to use. Equipped with strong adhesive, it guarantees a lasting adhesion while allowing for one-time application. It is an excellent solution for those looking for a quick and easy way to create a magnetic space.

Advantages of our film:

Using magnets with large diameters or neodymium magnets ensures optimal attraction and efficiency when combined with our self-adhesive ferromagnetic film.

Order now and enjoy the simplicity of creating magnetic spaces. Discover the flexibility and functionality of our steel film with acrylic adhesive.

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Steel Film With Glue Width 100 cm
Steel Film With Glue Width 100 cm
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