Magnetic Whiteboard planner Weekly 261

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Magnetic Whiteboard planner Weekly 261

Magnetic Dry-Erase Planner

The magnetic dry-erase board combines excellent quality and durability of materials with an aesthetic print and ease of use. Its magnetic properties complete the package, allowing you to attach all important notes to the board's surface.

This lightweight and safe-to-use board is perfect for offices, conference rooms, schools, and private interiors alike. The board is available in two versions - self-adhesive and reinforced with a PVC backing.

Why will you love our board?
Self-adhesive boardPVC board
Board thickness2 mm6 mm
Durability of the dry-erase surfaceHigh, the board can be easily cleaned even after several weeks. Its properties do not change over time.
Glossy finishExcellent dry-erase properties, for intensive use, may reflect light in sunlit rooms.
Matte finishSlightly inferior dry-erase properties, may require cleaning with a board cleaner, does not reflect light.
What to write withWe recommend Toma dry-erase markers - you can find them in the accessories section.
What magnetsWe recommend magnets with a minimum diameter of 30 mm and neodymium magnets.
Mounting surfaceAll smooth surfaces (walls, doors, furniture, glass) except for walls painted with high-latex content paints, washable paints, stain-resistant paints, and facade paints. If you have used these types of paints, order board samples and test them on your wall or choose the PVC board.Any surface.
Mounting methodSticker form, just remove the protective paper. You don't need any tools!Double-sided tape, mechanical mounting (screws, plugs).
Weather resistanceYes, the board is entirely made of synthetic materials.
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Magnetic Whiteboard planner Weekly 261
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Magnetic Whiteboard planner Weekly 261
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