A4 Dry Wiping Plate On A 5 Mm Pvc

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A4 Dry Wiping Plate On A 5 Mm Pvc

A4 Dry Wiping Plate On A 5 Mm Pvc is a reliable and durable tool that is perfect for offices, schools, training centers, and homes. It is the ideal solution for planning, notes, internal communication, and many other uses.

Made from high-quality 5mm PVC, it is resistant to moisture, UV radiation, and heavy use. With a magnetic option and a variety of colors, it enables better work organization and visual differentiation of information.

Solid dry-erase surface for intensive use

Our dry-erase boards are designed for various applications. The durable dry-erase surface is resistant to heavy use, even in the most demanding conditions. Regardless of the frequency of writing and cleaning, our boards maintain their quality for many years.

Quality-focused craftsmanship

Made from high-quality 5mm PVC, our A5 dry-erase boards are lightweight, flexible, and resistant to moisture and UV radiation. They are ideal for outdoor use, humid rooms, and dusty environments. They guarantee longevity and reliability.

Frameless design

The frameless design of our dry-erase boards not only provides a modern look but also makes cleaning and maintaining hygiene easier. The lack of a frame allows full use of the writing surface, making them perfect for notes, presentations, or lessons.

Straight or rounded corners

Standardly, A4 Dry Wiping Plate On A 5 Mm Pvc has edges with straight corners. There is also an option to make boards with rounded corners. Rounded corners are especially recommended in places where there is a risk of accidental injuries or scratches, which is important especially in school or home environments where users may be children. This ensures that our boards not only fulfill their functions but also ensure user safety and comfort.

Rich color palette

Available in a variety of colors, such as lilac, blue, green, and cream, our A4 Dry Wiping Plate On A 5 Mm Pvc allows you to choose the perfect solution for every user. The diverse colors are ideal in places where visual differentiation of boards is necessary. They blend well with the aesthetics of offices, classrooms, and home spaces, adding functionality and charm.

Magnet attachment option

A4 Dry Wiping Plate On A 5 Mm Pvc has a magnetic backing option, allowing easy attachment of magnets and additional documents, increasing organization and work efficiency in offices, schools, and training sessions.

Which markers to use?

Use only dry-erase markers on our boards. We recommend the gloss version, which has excellent dry-erase properties, ensuring easy and quick cleaning. Matte boards, despite having lower erasing properties, can also be easily cleaned with a board cleaner or a microfiber cloth. Permanent or semi-permanent markers are not recommended.

Easy installation and portability to suit your needs

You can opt for mechanical installation by screwing to a wall, door, or other surfaces, or use double-sided tape or mounting adhesive. Their lightweight also allows for easy portability and placement where they are most needed – in classrooms, offices, training rooms, and at home.

Delivery time

We can't wait for you to enjoy our dry-erase boards! Order fulfillment takes up to 4 business days, and for the magnetic backing version, up to 6 days.

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A4 Dry Wiping Plate On A 5 Mm Pvc
A4 Dry Wiping Plate On A 5 Mm Pvc
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