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Custom size and printed chalkboard

6,02 € with VAT
4,89 € netto

The whiteboard is a great idea for a family notebook for current affairs - put it in the kitchen or combine it with a nice and useful one and make it a great fun for your children - a practical place for colorful drawings, first letters or "golden thoughts". It is also a practical place for a menu in a restaurant, pub, restaurant or disco. It can also be successfully used as a billboard in a shop or hairdressing salon.

The printed chalkboard is an innovative product. Thanks to it, you can adapt your whiteboard to the needs of your company and at the same time place your own logo on it.

To make the whiteboard you need a graphic file prepared for printing. If you do not have such a file, we will be happy to estimate and prepare an individual project for you. In this case, please contact us by e-mail:

Pay attention! There is a wide range of markers for chalkboards available on the market. With strong pigmentation of the marker there is a possibility of creating a permanent mark on the surface of the board. Therefore, before using markers other than in our offer, we suggest carrying out an abrasion test. If you plan to use markers other than those recommended by us - inform us about it when placing an order. We will attach to the package a sample of the board on which you will be able to carry out tests.

What's the order processing like?

After placing and paying for the order, you will receive an overview file from us, which you will be able to check and approve for print, it will also be possible to make additional changes to the project.

The board can be made in the form of a flexible, self-adhesive foil or a 5mm thick board made of PVC for its greater rigidity.


Just stick a self-adhesive board on a flat surface - a wall, table, desk or even furniture. It is equally easy to dismantle. If you choose a board with a PVC underlay, you can glue it with a double-sided tape, hang it, screw it on or simply use it as a freestanding board. The boards are weatherproof and can be installed outdoors. The flexible version of the board is successfully used for renovating worn-out school boards. We have many positive experiences in this area.

Time of production

Self-adhesive board - up to 4 working days, board on PVC backing - up to 7 working days.


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