How to integrate whiteboards in coworking spaces? Tips for managers and office owners

Managing coworking space is quite a challenge. How to effectively utilize the available tools to create a collaborative and creative environment? One of the tools that deserves special attention is whiteboards. In this article, we will share tips on integrating whiteboards into coworking spaces to enjoy their functionality. Stay with us and learn how you can improve your employees' efficiency and streamline work.

Using Whiteboards in Coworking Spaces

Whiteboards are an essential part of efficient workspace organization in coworking spaces. They facilitate communication, aid in task planning and coordination, and provide opportunities for creative expression. We've gathered practical tips on how to integrate whiteboards into coworking spaces.

  • Strategically Placing Whiteboards – Whiteboards should be easily accessible to all space users. Ideal locations could be conference rooms, common areas, or even hallways.
  • Using Whiteboards for Planning and Task Coordination – Whiteboards are excellent tools for visualizing plans and schedules. They can be used to record important deadlines, tasks to be completed, or goals to achieve.
  • Encouraging Creative Use of Whiteboards – They can serve not only for formal communication but also for creative expression. Encourage users to draw, write quotes, or share ideas.

However, integrating whiteboards into coworking spaces requires a certain level of tact. It's important to respect users' privacy and not impose excessive use. Moreover, it's worth implementing some rules for using the whiteboards, such as regular cleaning or the rule that everyone has the right to express their thoughts but not infringe on others' rights. An article on how to clean a whiteboard is waiting for you on our blog.

Custom Black Whiteboard for Marker Writing

A custom black whiteboard for marker writing is a practical proposal for an office in a stylish edition.

Choosing the Right Whiteboard for the Office

Choosing the right whiteboard for a coworking office can be a key element in creating an efficient and productive workspace. Size, material, and even the color of the whiteboard can affect its utility and the office's aesthetics.

  • First, consider the whiteboard's size. Is it large enough to accommodate all the information you want to display on it?
  • Second, think about the whiteboard material. Some materials, such as glass, may be more challenging to clean but offer a more modern look.
  • Third, consider the whiteboard's color. Does it match the office's decor? Is it bright enough for information to be easily legible? Remember that a whiteboard is not only a tool but also a decorative element in the office.
Double-Sided Whiteboard with Custom Print in a Frame

A double-sided whiteboard with custom print in a frame is perfect for classes at a university and team projects in a company.

Best Places to Install Whiteboards in the Office

When deciding to place whiteboards in the office, pay attention to several key aspects. Strategically positioning whiteboards can significantly increase their usefulness and impact work efficiency. An ideal place to install a whiteboard is often a space frequently used by employees so that they can easily use it. This could be a conference room, kitchen, or another room dedicated to shared use.

Accessibility is another important aspect. The whiteboard should be positioned at the right height for everyone to use comfortably. Lighting is also crucial – it must be well lit but should not cause glare, which could hinder reading. On the other hand, placing the whiteboard in a location that is too busy may lead to the information on it being frequently ignored or overlooked.

Rules for Using Whiteboards for Effective Collaboration

Integrating whiteboards into coworking spaces requires a thoughtful strategy. Establishing clear rules for whiteboard use is crucial to ensure effective collaboration. These rules should cover issues such as who and when can use the whiteboards, what information can be displayed on them, and how often they should be cleaned. It may seem obvious, but clearly defined rules can prevent misunderstandings and conflicts.

Another essential aspect is creating guidance sheets that can serve as a guide for whiteboard users. They can contain information about best practices for using whiteboards, and it's best to personalize them according to the company's needs or choose to purchase a whiteboard with a customized print.

Custom Magnetic Whiteboard in an Aluminum Frame

A custom magnetic whiteboard in an aluminum frame could be the solution to your needs!

Integrating Whiteboards with Other Office Tools

When planning an office space, it's crucial to consider whiteboards as an integral part of the office tools set.

  1. Integration with Technology – Whiteboards can be connected with technology, such as projectors or touchscreen displays, to facilitate presentations and discussions.
  2. Using Whiteboards for Project Management – Whiteboards can serve as a project management tool to track progress, tasks, and deadlines.
  3. Using Whiteboards for Internal Communication – Whiteboards can serve as a central place for internal communication, where important announcements, updates, and information can be posted.
Various Colors of Dry Erase Markers with Eraser

Various colors of dry erase markers with an eraser – a 2-in-1 solution that significantly improves comfort when using the whiteboard.

Maintaining Order and Cleanliness on Whiteboards

Maintaining order and cleanliness on whiteboards is crucial for efficient use of these tools. Regular cleaning not only provides better visibility of notes but also extends the whiteboard's lifespan. However, it's essential to remember that some cleaning agents may damage the whiteboard's surface, so it's always worth testing them on a small area.

For heavily used whiteboards, organizing the space can be a challenge. Introducing a color-coding system or thematic sections can help maintain order. For example, you can reserve specific marker colors for different types of tasks or projects. Pay attention to the markers' specifics – they should be designed for this type of whiteboard. If you happen to use a permanent marker by mistake, we have a guide on how to remove a permanent marker from a whiteboard.

Benefits of Integrating Whiteboards in Coworking Offices

Integrating magnetic whiteboards in coworking spaces brings many benefits. They enhance communication among team members, enabling fast and efficient information exchange. Whiteboards are also excellent tools for organizing work, allowing task planning, setting priorities, and monitoring progress. Here are some key benefits of their use:

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