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Custom size framed magnetic whiteboard

16,20 EUR 13,17 netto

Whiteboard in an elegant aluminium frame is a revolutionary product that you can completely personalise. Choose the size, colour of the frame, board and corner and match it perfectly to your needs! The whole is complemented by excellent magnetic properties that will keep even heavy, memorable magnets.

On your wish we can also make a frameless board. This is our answer to the needs of companies and enterprises that are looking for a product directly for installation.

How do you use our board?
  • As a convenient accessory for offices, training and conference rooms. Have a conference or brainstorming on it!
  • In the form of a useful tool for the student's room. Hang the board above your desk and always remember about important dates and colloquia!
  • As an alternative to the traditional board in the classroom..
  • As a perfect gift idea for magnet collectors. . Our whiteboard is an ideal base to create a creative gallery!
  Board in frame Frameless board
Board thickness 16 mm ~0,6 mm
Durability of the surface High, the board can be easily cleaned even after a few weeks. Its properties do not change over time.
Gloss finish Excellent dry-erase properties, for intensive use, can reflect light in sunny rooms
Matt finish Slightly inferior dry-erase properties, may require cleaning with board cleaner, does not reflect light. It can also act as a screen for the projector.
How to write on the board We recommend Toma markers - you will find them in the accessories section.
What kind of magnets Any
Colouring Choose from 11 board colours, 4 frame colours and 3 corner colours
Assembly system The board has a hidden, hooked mounting system. The board has no mounting system. The board has sharp edges, so it is necessary to build the board or to frame it. Our product is a combination of a durable base, made of 0.5 mm thick metal sheet and a surface with dry-erase properties. On request, we can add an MDF board, which gives a stiffened board with a thickness of about 6.5 mm.
Weather resistance The board is designed for indoor use only, in rooms without humidity. However, if you need the board outdoors or for a room with increased humidity - contact us!
Size of the board max 280 cm x 125 cm. On individual order we make boards up to 280 x 195 cm.

If the dimensions exceed 275 cm in total, please choose a large-size delivery when placing your order.

Production time

The order will be produced within 10 working days after the payment has been credited and will be shipped. In the case of large orders, the deadline for realization is set individually.

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Over 39 thousand satisfied customers
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We ship to all EU countries
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