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Individual stickers and painting templates

Stickers and painting stencils are a perfect solution if you want to refresh your apartment with low effort and costs. If you haven't found a satisfactory pattern of a sticker or a stencil, or if you have an idea for your own, original design, you have found it perfectly! We carry out projects sewn especially for the customer. You can choose the shape of the product, its size and colouring according to your own preferences! This is a great way to create an individual, completely personalized decoration, which you can use in both private and corporate spaces!

Individual wall stickers

The wall sticker will allow you to quickly decorate your walls and other flat surfaces without getting your hands dirty! We can create stickers for your company, self-adhesive business cards with your logo, but also stickers with your company's rules, commandments of a good worker or health and safety instructions! Choose your size, shape, colours and enjoy a completely personalised decoration!

Personalised painting stencils

A painting stencil is a perfect way to quickly and effectively decorate your apartment or office. Fancy patterns can appear on your walls in just a few moments thanks to a few efficient brush strokes! The template will make it easier for you to paint a chosen shape and make it clear and aesthetic.

If you have not found in our offer a stencil that would suit your preferences - we can prepare an individual product for you. Choose its size and shape! We will create for you a stencil with your favourite sentence, logo of your company or other shape you choose. Thanks to it you will gain a number of new decorative possibilities, which were previously completely unavailable!

Share your idea for a personalized stencil or sticker with us and let's create something creative together!

Over 35 thousand satisfied customers
Over 35 thousand satisfied customers
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You buy from the manufacturer
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We ship to all EU countries
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