Chalk foil or board paint? A short guide.

In recent years, chalkboards have taken our interiors by storm. Although previously they were associated only with school and a frenzied search for knowledge in the head during the answer, now they begin to play not only a functional but also a visual function. There are several possibilities thanks to which the chalk surface can appear in your home. The two most popular ways are the use of blackboard paint or the application of a special chalk foil. Check which of them will suit you more!

Chalk foil vs. blackboard paint

In order to make a reliable decision as to which option is the best choice for us, it is first necessary to get to know the advantages and disadvantages of each of the options. Take a look at the brief characteristics of each product and decide which one is best suited to your case.

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Foil is a convenient solution, which makes it possible to enjoy the chalk surface in our house in just a few moments. Thanks to it we will avoid unnecessary clutter when applying the foil and for a long time we will enjoy its great appearance.

Advantages of chalk foil:

  • high quality and strength of the material,
  • ease of cutting the product to the right size,
  • Easy and clean installation,
  • dismantling of the board,
  • possibility of cutting out fancy shapes.

Defects of chalk foil:

The most important disadvantage of chalk foil seems to be the fact that it cannot be moved to another place. Once applied on a selected surface, it will remain there until it is dismantled, and after its removal it will not be possible to reassemble it. If you are looking for a product of this type, see the offer of chalkboards on a PVC underlay, which can be found here:

Board paint

Board paint is a more expensive choice than chalk film. Assuming that our wall may need to be painted several times for the full effect, several cans of this type of paint may be needed.

Advantages of board paint:

  • possibility of painting a very large area and inaccessible places.

Disadvantages of board paint:

  • poor performance and the risk that more paint is needed,
  • difficult process of removing paint from the wall surface,
  • a tiresome smell that persists after painting,
  • long drying time of the paint.
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The first disadvantage to mention is the difficult process of removing paint from the wall surface. It is possible, of course, but it is extremely tedious. To remove paint from the wall, use abrasive paper and rub ... until you see the base wall layer. It certainly takes a lot of time and patience. We also need to know that this type of paint has a very intense smell, which in the renovated room can last even over a month. Also after painting the wall, we should wait about 30 days before we start using it to make sure that all layers of paint (or maybe even a few!) have already completely dried out.

It is possible that even despite our hard work to keep the wall perfectly clean, damage and scratches will occur on its surface, which will greatly reduce the visual value of the wall. In this case it may be necessary to paint it again.

Short summary

Which option wins our ranking? As far as the practical side of the whole project is concerned, the chalk foil definitely wins. An important issue here turned out to be the cleanliness and ease of application and disassembly, which is very much lacking its counterpart in the form of paint. A big advantage is also the possibility of immediate use of the board after its installation.

Board paint is more practical if you want to cover large areas and hard-to-reach places where chalk foil might not pass the exam.

The winner of our ranking can be found here:

Find out how easy and fast you can create a chalk surface in your home!

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