How to choose the wallpaper?

The arrangement of a house or apartment is often not an easy matter. We have to decide on a given style of interior, choose the color palette, choose the right furniture and accessories... And these are just some of the challenges. In the maze of many stages of creating the space in which we will spend time, we should not forget about the specific base, that is, the walls. They give shape to the interior and are the background of the whole styling, so it usually starts with them. We usually decide on a classic and restrained solution, which is a subdued color of paint or wallpaper in simple patterns. If we want to give the interior more extravagance, we choose more decisive colors. However, we should not forget about the solution that certainly attracts the most attention, which is the wallpaper.

Why are wallpapers so popular?

Wallpaper are spectacular prints placed on the wall, which can become the most important point of decoration. For years we have been observing an increase in interest in this solution, which goes hand in hand with an increase in the market offer and the quality of products. But what makes people decide on murals? First of all, the reason is the incredible possibilities they offer. At a relatively low cost we can introduce an incredibly characteristic element into the interior, which is the strongest point of the whole decor. Thanks to this solution we can decide on many different patterns, which will best reflect our passions or taste. In addition, wall murals will work well as a decoration of the space in which we work, while emphasizing the profile of this activity. Here we come to another reason for the popularity of murals, namely a very wide selection of different variants. The market offers practically unlimited range of variants, thanks to which everyone will be able to find the right one for themselves. You can choose breathtaking views of distant places, more modern solutions or fairy tale characters for your child's room - all these are offered by murals. Besides, they are also extremely practical. Made with high quality materials they do not fade, do not deform and are resistant to dirt.

What kind of wallpapers are available on the market?

In the previous part of the text we discussed an incredibly wide range of mural designs, among which you can find even the most fancy solutions. Now we should pay attention to the diversity of technical solutions, because even in this aspect the manufacturers' offer meets the expectations of customers who may decide on a more modern and practical solution than ordinary paper wallpaper.

Fleece wallpaper

This is the most frequently chosen variant of murals. Thanks to its properties it masks any possible interior deficiencies, such as small cracks or unevenness of the walls, and will also work well on all kinds of paints. Another advantage of fleece wallpaper is the fact that its thick, matt surface does not reflect light, which makes it exceptionally elegant and subtle. It is also very resistant to dirt or moisture, so it will be suitable for any interior. The wall mural is certified as safe and non-flammability class B1, M1 and Euro.

Latex wallpaper

This type of wallpaper is printed on velvet paper coated with latex. Due to the increased weight of the material it also works perfectly on uneven wall surfaces, hiding their small imperfections. Due to its properties, however, it is not recommended for damp or poorly ventilated rooms, so it is better to opt for a different model in the case of kitchens or bathrooms.

Self-adhesive wallpaper

This solution is aimed at people who want to change the interior in a simple and quick way. This wallpaper is made with the use of self-adhesive wall film, and even an amateur can manage to install it. It is designed for simple and smooth walls, covered with acrylic paints, as well as for all flat surfaces, glass and furniture. As you can see, the self-adhesive wall mural offers many variants of its application, not only for wall decoration, but also, for example, for an unusual decoration of a closet or a bookcase.

Self-adhesive wallpaper for difficult surfaces

A sub-grade of an ordinary self-adhesive mural, which is characterized primarily by high adhesive strength. Specialized adhesive enables installation on most smooth surfaces, including walls covered with latex paints. Thanks to its properties, it is much more universal than the classic variant and, moreover, it is more resistant to environmental conditions, which makes it ideal for air-conditioned rooms, places with increased humidity or arches, being the most practical solution in our combination.

Ideas for using wallpaper

How many people, how many looks at interiors and how many possibilities of creative use of murals. The wealth of variants creates practically no limitations. However, we can indicate a few situations in which a mural will be a particularly good solution. First of all, it can be a great addition to your company's space and can be a great emphasis on its profile. As an example we can point out travel agencies with panoramas of exotic destinations  on the walls, which will immediately encourage distant travels, or Italian restaurants with a "view" of the Colosseum. In a private house, on the other hand, photo wallpapers that add cosiness, such as  views of a calm, foggy forest or sunrise over a picturesque meadow, will be a perfect match for the recently popular Danish hygge trend. A room decorated with the protagonists of your favorite movies or series will be the fulfillment of your childhood dreams.

Find something for yourself - creative wallpapers

The presented variants of images, models or applications are only a small part of the potential that the use of photo wallpapers brings. Certainly, if you are looking for a creative, unconventional interior, they will be a great solution. Pay particular attention to the offers of online stores and change your interior design in a simple way!

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