How to optically enlarge a room with photo wallpaper? Proven ideas from Wally!

Having a small room, you probably realize how difficult it is to decorate it, which is obviously due to the small usable space. Fortunately, there are some ways to visually change the unfavorable proportions of the interior. What are we talking about? About wallpapers optically enlarging the room, that is, the central elements of the decor, which will go well with the sparing equipment of the room. Properly selected patterns will result in the fact that low ceilings will seem higher, in turn, narrow rooms - wider. What kind of wall murals to choose for a small interior? We talk about it in the further part of this entry - we encourage you to read!

What wallpaper patterns make a room look bigger? Colors matter

Murals that enlarge your interior? It's no joke! Although of course the word "enlarging" should be treated with distance - after all, nothing but renovation is able to increase the usable space in the room. However, you should be aware that well-chosen patterns with the right color scheme can work wonders in this regard. What to decide on? At the very beginning we will touch upon the most important aspect, that is the color scheme.

Space-enhancing wallpapers cannot be too dark, hence their motifs should be kept in white, beige or soft gray. This combination of colors will create a transparent atmosphere and make the room look bigger. Bright wall murals for small rooms are so versatile that it is very easy to match them with accessories.Tapeta Wiejska droga przez pola

Wallpaper "Country road through the fields" maintained in a light color. An example of magnifying wallpaper to the living room perfectly emphasizing the character of the room

Room enlarging wallpaper - perspective

Interior magnifying wall murals are those on which perspective is visible - geometric or linear. In fact, they are the easiest solution to get an optical illusion that the space does not end at the physical wall, but much further. Wallpapers magnifying the space with perspective look great, providing a unique visual effect, which will deceive the eye of every householder and guest, who will cross the threshold of the apartment or house.
Fototapeta Uliczka w letni dzień

Interior enlargement wallpaper "Street on a summer day"
Tapeta Most brookliński

Wallpaper optically enlarging a room "Brooklyn Bridge"
Fototapeta Droga do lasu

Wallpaper optically enlarging the room "Road to the forest"

Interior design wall murals - landscapes

Space enlarging wallpapers are also those that show landscapes or spaces. Mountain views or coastal climate - no matter what we find on them, this kind of wallpaper is like a window to the world in our home. Tapeta Szeroka rzeka

Space enlarging wallpaper "Wide River" showing breathtaking fjords
Tapeta Roślinność Bieszczad

Enlarging living room wallpaper "Bieszczady vegetation", a unique view of the Polish mountainsTapeta Rock Arch

Room-enhancing wallpaper "Rock Arch"

Stripes - a wallpaper that optically enlarges the room

Which wallpapers optically enlarge the interior? Undoubtedly, those that are maintained in the motif of stripes. Wall mural in this pattern is a choice for those who dream of a modern and original decorated space. But how does this relate to the "elongation" of the room? The case with wallpapers in stripes is simple: stripes oriented vertically optically elevate the interior, horizontal, in turn, give the impression that the room is wider. Wallpaper to enlarge the space in stripes is a great choice especially for the smallest rooms - but remember to keep the colors toned down to match the rest of the arrangement.Tapeta Wzór geometryczny

Interior Enlargement Wallpaper "Geometric Pattern", which resembles the traditional stripes in motif, except that the patterns have evenly drawn curved edges

3D wallpaper enlarging the space - shot in "10"!

3D wallpapers magnifying the interior are bold and expressive decorations that not only optically lengthen the room, but also "enliven" it. They guarantee a unique visual experience, thanks to which a child's room, living room, kitchen or bathroom looks extremely fresh and the interior feels unique. In case of 3D wall murals, which provide optical enlargement, we have a lot of arrangement possibilities. We do not have to close ourselves strictly to one pattern, for example stripes or stripes - also perspectives or landscapes work perfectly.Tapeta 3D Trójkąty

Tapeta 3D do małego pokoju „Trójkąty”

Optical Wall Murals - Geometric Patterns

For small rooms a good solution is to reach for wallpapers optically enlarging the interior maintained in geometric patterns. They have been popular for years and certainly the "boom" for them will not end soon. In the case of this type of wallpaper it is good to reach for a material maintained in a subdued and minimalistic color scheme - otherwise the room can be a bit overwhelmed by the decoration.Tapeta Wzór geometryczny 043

Room enlarging wallpaper "Geometric pattern 043" from Wally offer

If you are interested in modern wallpapers that enlarge the interior, be sure to visit the Wally wall decor store. In the store's assortment you will find thousands of wallpapers of the highest quality, which are maintained in a variety of patterns - from landscapes, through nature, to abstraction. Choose something for yourself and enjoy the wallpaper, which will change the face of your home - welcome!

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