Wall stickers - arrangements that inspire. About how easily you can transform your interior

Making changes in an apartment often involves spending a considerable amount of money and dedicating a lot of time to carry out renovations. We are convinced that, just like us, you appreciate innovative and simple solutions that don't require a lot of commitment but still yield amazing results. If you're not sure about the design of your interior, we have something for you, including wall stickers. The arrangements we have prepared provide a solid dose of inspiration and ideas. Stay with us until the end and find out what works and where.

Wall Stickers - Designs that Introduce the World of Design

The world of interior design is full of inspiring ideas that can refresh any space. Over the years, various interior design trends have come and gone, but wall stickers have always been on top. Why? Because they allow you to personalize any interior, emphasizing its uniqueness.

Wall stickers are not just decorations for children. In the Wallyboards online store, you can find models that work perfectly in elegant living rooms, stylish offices, and even minimalist bedrooms. The range includes abstract, geometric, floral, animal-themed stickers, as well as those inspired by cinema or literature. Everyone will find something for themselves! But how do you handle their installation? Check out our blog and find out how to stick a wall sticker step by step until you achieve an amazing effect.

How to Choose the Perfect Wall Stickers? Inspiring Tips

Choosing the perfect wall sticker can be a challenging task, especially with such a wide range of options. So, how do you choose wall stickers to create your dream arrangement in your home? It all depends on a few key factors.

First, think about the effect you want to achieve. Do you want to add lightness and subtle charm to the room? Choose delicate floral or abstract motifs. Do you want to add a bit of drama to your interior? Opt for stickers in vibrant colors and bold patterns. It's also important for the sticker to harmonize with the rest of the interior. Therefore, pay attention to the colors and styles already present in the room.

Tree with leaves wall sticker

The tree with leaves sticker is made of high-quality self-adhesive foil, which gives the interior an extremely impressive finish.

Wall Stickers - Gallery of Their Advantages and Valuable Features

A lack of decorations in a room can make it feel cold and unwelcoming, but too many accessories can lead to clutter and overwhelm. Therefore, it's crucial to maintain balance and harmony in everything. By choosing wall stickers, you can eliminate many other decorations from the arrangements. Trust us or see for yourself that this kind of design will be an excellent solution.

  • Wide selection

    One of the most significant advantages of wall stickers is their wide selection. It's such a commonly used solution that you can easily find a motif that interests you the most. The most common ones illustrate plants, characters from fairy tales, animals, quotes, and abstract patterns.

  • Easy installation

    You don't have to be an expert to independently install a wall sticker. Eye-catching arrangements can be achieved quickly and without the use of specialized tools.

  • A quick way to make changes

    For example, if you want to create a botanical theme in your interior at a given time, there is nothing stopping you from changing the design in the future and choosing a slightly different motif. Wall stickers can be removed without causing damage, allowing you to easily replace them and experiment with decorations. You can also be assisted in achieving your goal by self-adhesive labels with custom printing.

Cactus wall sticker

Wall sticker depicting a cactus has a minimalist design that you can easily place on your wall without anyone's help.

Wall stickers - arrangements using furniture. How to design a wall

When planning the placement of wall decorations, it is worth considering the furniture available in the room. Although wall stickers most often complement arrangements on empty walls, another interesting and recommended idea is to place them, for example, above a chest of drawers, next to a bookshelf, or right by a desk. It all depends on the style in which the apartment is furnished and the available wall space. If all elements of the room create a unified whole, there will certainly be harmony and a conducive atmosphere for relaxation.

Another idea is to use a sticker as an element separating individual zones of the interior. For example, if your apartment's main role is an open space connecting the kitchen and dining area, you can choose a pattern that somewhat emphasizes the existence of two distinct rooms with slightly different functions.

Decorative sticker with a yacht motif

Decorative sticker with a yacht motif is a proposition that will make spending time on the couch or at the family table even more enjoyable. Placing the pattern just above the furniture will give the interior an incredibly unique character.

In which rooms do wall stickers work best - arrangements and a few interesting ideas

The choice of the best motif depends primarily on our preferences, the interior style used, and the character of the room in which it will be placed. So let's get to the heart of the matter and provide a few examples of wall stickers and arrangements that can be created with them.

  • Living room

    Undoubtedly, one of the rooms where we spend the most free time is the living room. It is here that we develop our interests, read books, or watch our favorite shows. To create an even more pleasant atmosphere, we need to pay attention to the interior design. For such situations, we recommend something versatile. A good idea would be to use a floral pattern.

  • Dining room

    At the family table, various topics are discussed, and it is the place where the whole family meets and enjoys their time together. For this reason, the wall next to the furniture is the perfect place to draw inspiration from motivational quotes or phrases. Wouldn't it be nice to read something every day that encourages action?

    Wall sticker with the phrase 'Do not give up on dreams'

    Wall sticker with the phrase 'Do not give up on dreams' is a great example of an inspiring phrase that fosters belief in one's capabilities.

  • Bedroom

    When choosing a wall sticker design for the bedroom, it's worth considering that we will see it every day – right after waking up and before going to sleep. This room is, in a sense, our oasis of peace, where we can calm down, relax, and spend time alone with ourselves. In such moments, wall stickers with phrases, abstract, and plant motifs work wonderfully.

  • Children's room

    Every parent knows that their child feels safest in their own room and spends the most time there studying or playing. This corner is one of the rooms that should be filled with joy, colors, and positive energy. To stimulate the creativity and imagination of the little one, it's worth choosing fairy tale wall stickers – the arrangement will surely appeal to them.

    Set of wall stickers depicting animals with balloons

    Set of wall stickers depicting animals with balloons is a great gift idea for a little animal lover.

  • Teenager's room

    As we grow older, our preferences and interests change, and certainly no teenager would want their room decorated with colorful teddy bears or toys. This is the perfect example that demonstrates how easy it is to transform the room according to our needs, thanks to the easy installation and removal of wall stickers. For girls, we recommend floral and abstract motifs, while for boys, something related to games or sports.

    Wall sticker with the phrase 'game over' and a gamepad

    Wall sticker with the phrase 'game over' and a gamepad - every avid gamer will be delighted with such a form of decoration.

About where to find other inspirations - wall stickers and arrangements recommended by Wallyboards

We hope that after familiarizing yourself with the proposals we have prepared, you have found something that has inspired you at least a little. The good news is that the examples of products shown above are just a small part of what we actually have to offer. If you want to explore other solutions, be sure to visit our Wallyboards wall decorations store, where you will find not only wall stickers and photos of sample arrangements but also many other accessories.

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