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Wallpaper for door platform p55

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32,35 EUR 26,30 netto

The wallpaper is made of matt or glossy wall film and additionally laminated. It provides excellent adhesion to the surface and a long service life. The special glue allows the wall murals to be peeled off at a later date when dismantling the decoration without leaving traces.


Protects the wall murals from scratches and minor mechanical injuries. Provides color intensity protecting colors against fading thanks to the built-in UV filter.

Highest quality

We offer decorations that always work. Each time you receive a product of the highest quality, without compromises and shortcuts. You have the security that you will get the best product and service on the market. Our production is based exclusively on branded materials of the German company Oracal. If anyway something unexpected happens during installation, you have reservations about the product itself, we will not leave you alone.

Time of production of wall murals for doors

We will process your order within 3-4 working days after the payment has been credited. In case of payment on delivery we start production immediately.

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Users ratings and comments

Chciałem zmieniać drzwi, ale zdecydowałem się na tą fototapetę. Trochę się bałem montażu bo nigdy nie kleiłem fototapet. Poszło bez problemu. A drzwi cieszą oko codziennie. I mogę normalnie myć je jak do tej pory.


Świetna! W szybki sposób udało mi się dzięki niej odmienić wygląd drzwi.

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Wallpaper for door platform p55
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