Information Sticker Attention, Failure

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Information Sticker Attention, Failure

Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Sticker

An OSH sticker is essential not only in workplaces but also in public utility buildings. This practical product can be successfully used both inside and outside buildings. It is characterized not only by easy installation but also durability - it is resistant to fading caused by adverse weather conditions.

Each OSH sticker available in our online store is also scratch-resistant. A large selection of graphics and sizes means that everyone can find self-adhesive OSH articles that meet their needs.

Quick installation of OSH warning and informational signs

The installation of OSH warning or informational stickers does not require any additional accessories. Simply remove the protective paper and apply the sticker to the wall, door, glass, or any non-absorbent surface. Magnet installation is even simpler – they will attach themselves to a metal surface, allowing them to be placed not only on machines but also on cars, shelves, or refrigerators.

Universal OSH stickers

One sticker - many applications. This product allows every company to ensure the safety of its employees. Easy to install, self-adhesive stickers protect against dangerous situations. They warn against potential hazards, mandate specific behaviors, and inform about the rules of conduct. Our OSH sticker can be used:

And many other places. Wallyboards OSH stickers will prove themselves wherever proper space marking is key. We offer two versions of the product: a self-adhesive sticker and a reusable magnet.

Custom OSH stickers

In our offer, there are both OSH warning signs, informational pictograms, and stickers mandating specific behavior. We strive to continuously expand our product catalog. There is also the possibility to order a sticker with any custom print. Just contact us via email. As we are the manufacturer of stickers, we can create a product perfectly tailored to the customer's needs.

Why choose Wallyboards OSH stickers?

Specifications of the OSH sticker

The table below contains a detailed description of the main parameters of OSH markings available in our online store.

  • 15 x 10.5 cm
  • 21 x 15 cm
  • 30 x 21 cm
  • 42 x 30 cm
  • 70 x 50 cm
Materialself-adhesive foilmagnaflex magnetic foil
Thickness0.1 mm0.7 mm
Installation methodpeel off the protective paper and stick it to the chosen surface.just place it on the chosen surface! The magnet can be moved multiple times without losing its properties.
What to mount onwalls, except those painted with paints high in latex (washable, stain-resistant, and facade), machine surfaces, doors, glassmetal surfaces - cars, shelves, machines, refrigerators.
Accessories needed for installationyou don't need any accessories!
Weather resistanceyes, entirely made of plastic materials.
Warranty2 years
Order fulfillment time

Your selected safety signs will be produced within 2–4 business days, counting from the moment the payment is recorded. The courier will deliver the package within two business days from the date of dispatch.

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