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Boards for the children's room - which one to choose?

A children's room is a space that is not so easy to arrange! After all, during renovation, the tastes and tastes of at least two different generations inevitably clash. This can lead to many energetic and lively discussions. Parents often pay more attention to the practicality and universality of the chosen solutions - something different for their children. They are most often guided by their heart, by trends, and by the opinions of their schoolmates. Moreover, the older the child, the more he or she has to say!

A teenager's room device is often much more challenging than that of a younger child. During adolescence, teenagers have a thousand ideas per minute, which is why it is so hard to hit on their demanding tastes. Regardless of this fact, when arranging a room for them we should follow the principle of combining the practical with the beautiful. The arrangement of a child's room must therefore include elements of a clever compromise. Fortunately, it is easy to achieve it through simple conversation and exchange of opinions.

However, we did a short research and discovered a solution that combines all these features! And that is ... the boards! This is a trivially simple way to give every interior not only functionality but also aesthetic charm. On the market you can find a whole range of different variants of these practical decorations, starting from the traditional ones, through the boards in the form of a convenient sticker to magnetic and printed products that not only look great, but also make it easier to organize family and school life.

To meet all those who are looking for the holy grail of children's rooms, we have prepared a short list of boards, taking into account the situations in which their particular variants will work perfectly!

What boards will work in the children's room?


Chalkboards for the preschooler's room

Drawing with chalkboard is one of the favorite activities of preschoolers. Of course, our kids would undoubtedly prefer to do it on the walls, fortunately today we have plenty of surfaces to replace it! One good idea is to use a chalkboard. If a heavy, traditional school blackboard has just appeared in your imagination - we must quickly dispel this false image. This kind of educational accessories is already gone. Now, comfortable and lightweight chalkboards on a PVC backing reign supreme, which are not only trivially simple to install but also safe to use! You will certainly find a place for it. What's more - if you want to completely avoid the inconvenience of installation, you can take an interest in a creative chalk foil, which will provide your child with an unlimited writing surface, which can be simply glued on!

Dry-erase boards for the student's room


Favorite elements of equipment in a student's or student's room are often practical dry-erase boards, which help to organize everyday life effectively. Whiteboard hanging over a desk will certainly remind you of an upcoming piece of paper or an urgent deadline for important homework. On its surface, your child will also write down a motivating quote, write an action plan for the upcoming week, and draw his favourite cartoon characters to accompany everyday work, study, but also play.

The dry-erase board are available both in a stiffened version on a PVC backing and in the form of a convenient dry-erase foil, which can be simply glued on any flat surface. The advantage of dry-erase boards is the simplicity of keeping them clean and exceptional durability - boards do not lose their excellent dry-erase properties for many years.

Printed educational boards - a creative idea for learning!

Science and education are an inseparable part of our lives. So why not make it connect only with good associations and memories? In order to make the learning process more pleasant it is worth to provide your kids with practical accessories and gadgets that will make learning not only a pleasure but also great fun. Educational boards are a proposal that will certainly appeal to both older and younger children. Educational whiteboards, which you will find on the market, will be mostly dry-wipe - thanks to this, their daily use will be very comfortable and will not involve the cumbersome washing of inscriptions - every trace will be easily wiped off with a sponge or a cloth.

For the youngest children, we offer dry-erase plates for learning to write, multiply and also for learning notes! Educational clocks and planners will also prove to be an interesting solution, which will not only help your child to learn the hours, but also to organize his or her time. This is a very important lesson, which is good to take from an early age. Older kids will surely like planners or dry-cleaning calendars where they can write down all important appointments, meetings and homework! Colourful patterns, favourite characters or forest animals - educational boards have nothing to do with boring and tedious learning! That is why they are perfect for decorating a children's room!

Shape boards

The shape boards are a real children's favourite and a total must-have for every fashionable children's room! An infinite number of creative shapes is a real paradise for lovers of interesting and eye-catching aesthetics.

Cat, car or maybe a spaceship? Children's imagination can be really limitless. So give your child an infinite field to dream, awaken creativity and have fun! Choose your favourite design together and put it on the wall - it's a great creative activity that will take just a few minutes and you're sure to have fun. After all, the activities are very close! Shaped boards are available in both chalky, dry-erase and magnetic versions, so you can completely customize them according to your needs.

Cork boards


I guess each of us once had a corkboard. However, in the multitude of modern materials and solutions, the corkboard does not go away, still celebrating triumphs. They certainly owe it to their low price, easy availability and simple use, without the need for additional accessories. What makes them different from modern chalkboards is the lack of possibility of quoting directly on their surface, but we can attach cards to their surface, which is also a convenient solution! What is more, on the market you will also find hybrid whiteboards, which connect the cork surface with e.g. a dry or magnetic surface.

Creative writing doors

At the very end of our article, we will move away from the topic of more or less traditional boards and discuss their excellent alternative! If the walls of your child's room can't bear any more decorations or there's simply no room left to use - an ordinary interior door is the perfect creative writing surface! How is this possible? All thanks to the self-adhesive foil, which you can not only glue easily to the surface of the door, but you can also cut it to the right shape yourself! This gives a seemingly unused surface a completely new, practical face.

On the market you will find both chalkboard and dry-erase door foil.

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