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How to stick a sticker on the wall? Step by step until you achieve an amazing effect

Each of us sometimes feels the need to bring freshness to the interior of our apartment and home. However, at the very thought of a general renovation, not many people get weak. Fortunately, there is a very easy way to do it! All you need to know is how to stick a sticker on the wall. Simple, right?

For the end result to be delightful, the entire installation process must follow the instructions. How to do it and what to pay special attention to? With this guide you are sure to avoid making mistakes that could cost you not only a lot of wasted time, but also money. So, we encourage you to continue with the article, in which it was discussed step by step how to evenly stick wall decals - Wallyboards team.

Sticking stickers and proper preparation - what is worth remembering?

If you're wondering how to stick a wall decal before installing it, you've just completed one of the most important steps to achieve a satisfactory result. Why? As is often the case, the key aspect is preparation - without it you won't be able to do the job properly.

To begin with, you should organize the most important things that you might need, these include:

  • clean cloth,
  • denatured alcohol or extraction gasoline,
  • squeegee,
  • adhesive tape,
  • needle.

Wondering what a needle or tape can be useful for when installing a sticker? In the rest of this article we will give you some practical tips for which you will need them. Of course, you don't have to use all the items mentioned, but we know from experience that it's worth having them on hand.

Wall sticker dandelion

How to apply the sticker to the wall freshly after painting?

This is a very important issue that we are addressing now for a reason. Whether you want to stick murals, printed stickers or self-adhesive boards - you can only install them after at least 14 days after painting the walls. Otherwise, they may simply peel off. What's more, it's worth knowing that washable, stain-resistant, facade paints and those with a high latex content make the adhesion not very good, so it's recommended to do a test sticking first.

Sticker flower from Wallyboards

Applying the sticker to the glass as well as the wall - what two heads is not one!

Wondering if you will be able to stick the sticker yourself? It certainly won't be easy, but it's not impossible. The help of another person with small-sized stickers will not be as necessary as in the case of multi-piece stickers - then it is worth having someone close to you.

How to apply a wall decal - learn about the installation process

Once you know what you need to pay attention to before proceeding with the installation, it's time to focus on what it looks like to apply the stickers correctly. We will present the whole process step by step, so that all the steps are understandable and easy for you to follow. So, how to stick a wall decal?

Start applying the sticker by preparing the surface

The first and extremely important step is taking care of the surface on which the sticker is to be placed. Whether you intend to stick it on a wall, glass, furniture or other smooth surface - you need to clean them. Paint coatings are best wiped with a cloth to get rid of dust, while substrates that lend themselves to chemical degreasing - wash with denatured alcohol or extraction gasoline.

Proper preparation of sticker

Most often, stickers are packaged in cardboard tubes, so they are not susceptible to the damage they are exposed to during transport. Take the sticker out of the package, lay it out on a flat surface (pattern down) and, using a squeegee or cloth, try to gently smooth the surface of the paper.

How to stick a sticker on the wall to make it even? Lay out the space

It's high time to plan out exactly where the sticker should be placed. For this purpose, you may find it helpful to use adhesive tape, so that you can avoid sticking the sticker "in the dark". You will be able to see how it looks and whether the selected area is suitable. In the same way you can attach a multi-element sticker, with which it is extremely important to fit the elements together so that they form a harmonious composition. In this case, it would be useful to have someone to help - it's always good to hear an additional opinion.

The time has come to remove the backing paper

Once you have accurately positioned the sticker, start from its corner to peel off the gridded paper - you need to be very precise so that no part of the pattern remains on it. If this happens, try to stick it to the paper again and continue the interrupted activity. Peel off about 40 cm of backing paper and try not to press the sticker to the sticking surface.

Installation of the sticker

The sticker in a sizable part is on the surface of your choice and in the right place? Great! Now you can take care of its gluing with a squeegee. An extremely important and at the same time difficult step, on which the final result largely depends. How to stick the sticker on the wall to avoid air bubbles? Press the sticker with a squeegee - moving it in horizontal strips downward.

When you have glued about 20 cm, you can peel off another part of the backing paper, then repeat this process with the squeegee attachment until the whole sticker is glued.

Removal of the transport paper

At this stage you need to peel off the transport paper. Importantly Observe very carefully whether all parts of the pattern definitely remain on the surface, otherwise you need to go back a few centimeters and press the missing part again through the paper so that it sticks together with the rest.

Final evaluation and verification - this is the final step

The time has come to evaluate the work done and check whether the sticker, to be sure, adheres well to the surface. It may so happen that you notice small air bubbles that are under the sticker - nothing to worry about. Use a small needle to prick them to get rid of them, then reach for a soft cloth and gently smooth the surface. Done!

Velour sticker branch

How to stick a sticker on the wall? A few words to summarize

The amazing end result depends not only on the chosen sticker design, but also on proper preparation and carrying out the installation step by step according to the established rules. Therefore, if you approach it with full commitment and a little patience, then you too will certainly be able to enjoy a beautiful new interior.

Are you looking for fashionable decorations for your home, apartment, or perhaps office? Visit wall decor store Wallyboards and choose something for yourself!

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