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Magnetic glass panels

At the turn of the last few years, boards of all kinds are very popular. In addition to these chalk and dry-wearing, the leading models are magnetic glass. What particularly affects their widespread use is their unique appearance and modernist design. As they are available in various colour variants, no customer should have a problem with their adaptation to the character of the room. You can choose any colour from the RAL palette! In our offer you will also find boards in various sizes.

Interior trimming element

Because of their unique form, magnetic glass panels can serve as a perfect complement to any space. Finished with stylish metal elements, with a perfectly smooth, glossy surface, they perfectly fit into modern trends. Much more elegant than traditional whiteboards, they will give each room a professional aesthetic.

Universal application

Presented boards are suitable for restaurants, offices, kitchens, lobby, bathrooms or living rooms. Versatile use is one of their many advantages. They are also perfect for minimalistically designed offices, giving them lightness and elegance. Glass whiteboards are products easy to keep clean, the inscriptions leave no traces on them, even if they remain on the surface for a long time.

Check out our range of glass magnetic boards and choose the most suitable proposal for you!

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