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Information signs

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Health and safety labelling is an essential element required by every company. They inform about possible dangers, risks, but also point the way out or provide information about special promotions. Thanks to them you will improve the flow of information in your company, take care of safety and improve comfort and organization of work. Check what we can offer you!

Health and safety boards - information signs

Especially for entrepreneurs and property owners we have prepared a whole range of health and safety boards in the form of convenient and aesthetic signs. The infinite number of designed designs will make you sure to find the right set of health and safety boards!

Where will you use our health and safety signs?

Wherever you need to increase the flow of relevant information and ensure the safety of your employees. Our boards will be used in private, production and commercial spaces!

Health and safety signs that directly affect safety in the workplace will be particularly important. These will be information signs that refer to hazardous substances, materials or areas at risk of explosion.

In our offer you will also find health and safety boards, which are perfect for everyday work in a shop, supermarket and all other commercial spaces. The signs with inscriptions - I'll be right back, promotion and discounting will make it easier to communicate with your potential customers, and thanks to the clear colours we use - will also attract their eyesight!

Health and Safety boards - top quality

Our health and safety boards are a combination of high quality foamed PVC and a print that does not fade over time. Thanks to this, it keeps its aesthetic qualities for years! The signs can be used both inside and outside buildings - they are completely resistant to weather conditions!

Choose the health and safety boards that perfectly match your needs and create a friendly and safe working environment!

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