Marker for dry erase board - the choice must be thoughtful!

When it comes to a creative brainstorming session, there's nothing better than a white, shiny surface of a whiteboard and a marker that allows us to transfer our thoughts and ideas onto "paper". Speaking of the marker, it's worth keeping in mind that grabbing the first one available can lead to undesirable consequences like fading ink or traces that cannot be erased. That's why choosing the right marker for a whiteboard is crucial. In today's post, we discuss how to make a good choice.

Starting point: intensity of color for a whiteboard marker

The most important factor to consider when choosing a marker for whiteboards is the intensity of its color. It's crucial for effective information communication, ensuring that the ink is clearly visible on the whiteboard. Do you want to draw attention to specific elements? Think about which colors will be most effective for you. Additionally, it's always worth checking whether the ink doesn't fade too quickly, which can happen with some cheaper markers.

Whether it's a whiteboard for doors or walls, a strong and intense marker will make your notes perfectly visible from any distance.

The quality of the marker matters!

When choosing a marker for whiteboards or magnetic whiteboards, don't forget about the quality. A good marker should have a smoothly gliding tip that doesn't leave smudges and allows for precise writing. Durability is another key factor. Poor quality markers can result in the ink running out quickly, which can be particularly frustrating during important presentations or brainstorming sessions. High-quality ink is also a guarantee that it can be easily erased from the whiteboard without leaving smudges or traces.

Line width and tip size

The line width drawn by a marker depends on the size of its tip. Markers with a thin tip are perfect for detailed writing, while those with a thicker tip are suitable for creating clear and visible titles or drawings. Before making a purchase, think about what you will mainly use the marker for and then choose the appropriate tip size.

Thin markers for whiteboards

Safety and ecology

Although a whiteboard marker may seem like a small part of our daily life, it's worth paying attention to its impact on the environment and safety of use. When making a choice, look for markers that are harmless to health and don't contain harmful substances. It's also good to search for products that are easy to recycle or have been produced in an eco-friendly manner.

The importance of the marker brand for whiteboards

The brand of the marker is the last but not least important aspect. Companies with extensive experience in the market usually offer higher quality products that have been tested by hundreds, if not thousands, of users. Therefore, it's worth reading reviews about different brands to make an informed choice.

Toma whiteboard markers with eraser sponge from Wallyboards' offer

So, what is the best marker for a whiteboard?

The answer to this question depends on your individual needs. Do you need a marker for detailed notes or for drawing large, clear diagrams? Is it important for you that the whiteboard marker is eco-friendly? Do you prefer a specific brand? By considering these aspects, you will certainly choose a marker that is perfect for you. From our side, we would also add that it's always good to have a set of dual-sided markers for whiteboards with you - this way, you will always be prepared for any situation!

Which marker for a whiteboard? Summary

Choosing the right marker for a whiteboard may seem like an easy task, but it's definitely worth spending more time on it. By considering the color intensity, product quality, tip size, as well as safety and ecology, we can find a product that is perfectly suited to our needs. Remember that a properly chosen marker not only enables smooth and efficient communication but also helps avoid frustration associated with fading color or quickly running out of ink.

If you are looking for high-quality markers and other accessories for whiteboards, visit the website, where you will find ready-made sets of markers, erasers, magnets, and much more. Welcome!

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