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Accessories for stickers and stencils

Whether you choose a single or multicolour sticker or a velour sticker, with simple shapes or complex patterns, you may need a little support when you first apply them. And that's what the accessories in this section do! Here you'll find everything you need - from squeegee squeegees to smoothing stickers to self-cutting foil!

Why are the right accessories so important to install?

When applying wall decals, precision and accuracy are very important. After tearing off the protective foil, try to apply the sticker tightly to the wall and smooth its surface on an ongoing basis, so that no air bubbles get underneath it, which could later become visible as unevenness. To avoid this, we recommend the plastic squeegee available in this section for stickers and wallpapers.

Our accessories will help you with the assembly and make every decoration look fantastic!

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