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Self-adhesive chalk board

4,09 € with VAT
3,33 € netto
base size: 60,0 x 30,0cm W x H [cm]

Self-adhesive chalk board is a perfect idea for a family notebook, put it in the kitchen and create a family forum for ideas. Shopping list, a quick note for the household. Its also ideal for food venues, pubs, restaurants or discos.

simple installation

Just stick the board on a flat surface ? wall, tabletop, desk or even furniture. You can also easily removed it at any time ? simply peel off without leaving any marks.

Why self-adhesive boards?

  • light and safe
  • cheaper than traditional boards
  • simple and clean installation
  • apply and peel off quickly
  • any size

board to your home!

Combine the use with pleasure ? self-adhesive chalk board may become a great fun for your children and practical place for colourful drawings, first letters, "golden means" or same important notes. It will serve as a place to play and educate keeping your walls clean. Self-adhesive board is also an original decoration - the fabulous shapes and designs will create a fairy-tale land ? perfect for your child's imagination. Self-adhesive chalk board is simple and easy to use - does not fall down like a traditional tables and takes much less space. If you have two children - each of them may have its own and in favorite shape one. 

Self-adhesive chalk board is an ideal solution for training institutions . It can be used for many years as a practical tool during the lectures and trainings.


If your selected size exceeds in both dimensions 120 cm, the board will consist of parts.

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Over 30 thousand satisfied customers
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