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Magnetic chalk board house and cat 214

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30,11 EUR 24,48 netto
Product description -
rozmiar width x height cm
base 45,0 x 60,0
A 60,0 x 80,0
B 75,0 x 100,0
C 90,0 x 120,0
D 120,0 x 160,0

Magnetic shape chalkboard is a combination of the highest quality materials - chalk foil, ferromagnetic layer and PCV material.

What makes Wally's board so special?
  • Universal surface for writing with chalk or chalk markers.
  • Scratch protection thanks to the anti-scratch layer.
  • Good magnetic properties and safety of use thanks to ferromagnetic material, which is lightweight, devoid of sharp edges and well holds magnets with a diameter of 32 mm or more or noodymium.
  • Easy to clean with a sponge or microfibre cloth.
  • Easy and clean assembly, which you can do without the help of specialists.
  • Polish production using the highest quality materials
  • 24-month warranty.
Self-adhesive board or on a PCV surface?

Magnetic chalkboard is available in two variants - self-adhesive and stiffened PCV surface.

Self-adhesive boardPCV board
Thickness of the board 1 mm 6 mm
Scratch resistance high high
How to write on board soft school chalk or chalkboard pens. We recommend Tom's markers soft school chalk or chalkboard pens. We recommend Tom's markers
What kind of magnets min. diameter 32 mm or neodymium min. diameter 32 mm or neodymium
Assembly method the form of a sticker, just pull off the security paper studded tape, mechanical assembly (screws, pins)
Installation surface all smooth surfaces (walls, doors, furniture, glass) except walls painted with paint with a high latex content any surface
Resistance to weather conditions yes, when glued to a non-absorbent surface - sheet metal or plastic Yes, the board is entirely made of plastics
Tools needed for assembly You don't need any tools! depending on the chosen method of mounting hammer, drill, screwdriver or double-sided foam tape
Time of production

The order will be manufactured within 7 to 9 working days after the payment is posted, after which it will be shipped.

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Users ratings and comments

Rewelacyjny produkt. Sprawdzony przez moje dzieci jest na pewno godny polecenia.

Krystyna N.

Perfekcyjnie wykonany produkt! Najlepsze jest to że jest to nie tylko tablica i to magnetyczna ale też ciekawa dekoracja.

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