Blackboard in the kitchen - inspiration for using a practical decoration

The kitchen is one of the rooms where we spend a lot of time. It serves us not only to prepare delicacies or store food products but also to meet with family and loved ones. With all this in mind, it is important that it is not only functional but above all cozy and aesthetically pleasing. Every day there are a lot of things on our mainly that we should remember, but which we overlook due to an excess of duties. To improve communication between household members, and at the same time thoughtfully manage time, you can opt for a board in the kitchen. Inspiration, which is a source of drawing ideas, will certainly convince you of our suggestions and will help you choose the right solution for yourself.

Blackboard in the kitchen - inspiration and examples of practical solutions.

Since we quite often feel the need to jot down something important while cooking, and at the same time we want to make practical use of free space, we have something universal for you - a blackboard in the kitchen. Inspiration is available almost everywhere, so we also prepared something special from ourselves.

  • Daily/weekly schedule

    Each of us has a lot of things on our mind - so how to remember them all? A blackboard, which we will place in the kitchen, the room we visit every day, can greatly help with this. On it you can list the tasks planned for a particular day or week. In fact, it all depends on us and the size of the product.

    Dry erase magnetic board for the kitchen My kitchen my rules 530

    Dry erase magnetic board for the kitchen My kitchen my rules 530 – black and white color scheme makes the board easily blend into the design of any interior. 

  • Golden thoughts

    Motivational quotes or so-called "golden thoughts" that we can read every day is something that is certainly capable of improving our mood as well as boosting our self-confidence.

    Magnetic chalk board for the kitchen Strawberry 219

    Something delicious looking, practical and aesthetically pleasing? Magnetic chalk board for the kitchen Strawberry 219 – reach for colored chalks and note down your motivations.

  • Recipe

    Do you want to prepare something special for your other half? Or maybe you are just anxious for her to show off her culinary skills? In either case, having the recipe at hand will certainly come in handy. For such occasions, it's a good idea to use a blackboard for the kitchen, on which you will put step-by-step instructions.

    Dry erase magnetic board for the kitchen spices 545

    Dry erase magnetic board for the kitchen spices 545 – thanks to the considerable size of the product and its colors, we are able to write down a lot of information that is sure to attract attention.

  • Tips

    When there are several household members in an apartment, a fairly common problem is the inability to locate individual items. Each of us has slightly different habits, and has a different way of cleaning and planning the space, so in such situations it is worth informing your loved ones about key aspects, such as where the car keys are. Also, if you are planning to go out, and the courier is just about to show up today - it is worth writing about it.

    Magnetic chalk board for kitchen cutting board 046 – aesthetic workmanship and elegant design make this product delight even the most demanding customers.

  • Shopping list

    Certainly no one likes the moment when, in the middle of cooking, you find that you are missing any of the ingredients. Fortunately, this can be prevented - write down on the available board in the kitchen all the products you have just run out of. By doing this on a regular basis, you'll avoid the time-consuming task of going through your possessions later.

    Dry erase board for the kitchen food 538

    Dry-erase board for kitchen showing food sketch 538 – a minimalist design in muted colors. Thanks to the placement of the graphic in the form of a frame, the whole looks extremely decorative.

  • Entertainment

    If you want to have a little time to yourself so that you can prepare dinner or something to eat without rushing, and at the same time you want to keep an eye on your child - a whiteboard for the kitchen is a great choice. Any little explorer will be happy to be able to hone his artistic skills, and doing it on a blackboard instead of a regular piece of paper will give him even more opportunities. It's a perfect solution for both parties.

    Dry erase board for the kitchen food and drink 540

    Dry erase board for the kitchen food and drink 540 is a great option for both adults who want to jot down information valuable to them, and children who can supplement it with more artistic works.

Classic or innovative - two design suggestions with boards for the kitchen

Some prefer classic and minimalist decorations, while others, on the contrary, like to go wild with colors and sizes. Depending on preferences, our expectations will be met by completely different products, so we have prepared two proposals so that everyone can define which way they prefer to go.

  • Magnetic chalk board for the kitchen, the teapot 402

    The black wall decoration is extremely versatile. It is guaranteed to look great on muted colors, bricks and raw finished walls, among others. One of the proven choices for all those who do not like to experiment and prefer safe options.

    Magnetic chalk board for the kitchen, the teapot 402
  • Dry erase board for the kitchen Donut worry be happy 533

    Although this board has a simple shape, due to its colors and additional decorative elements it is original in its own way. Therefore, all fans of unusual and, above all, colorful options are sure to also find a place in their own apartment for such a form of decoration.

    Dry erase board for the kitchen Donut worry be happy 533

After such a large dose of ideas, we hope that one of the suggested wall plaques for the kitchen caught your attention as well. There can be much more inspiration if you want - take a look at our Wallyboards wall decor store and see what else is waiting for you.

If you're looking to dramatically change your interior, then you need to keep in mind that a blackboard won't cause too much of a visual change - in such situations, it's worth considering additionally buying a wall mural or a fridge mural.

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