Paintings reproductions - Tadeusz Makowski

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Tadeusz Makowski (born January 29, 1882 in Oświęcim, died November 1, 1932 in Paris) is a Polish painter who worked mainly in Paris. Raised in the artistic atmosphere of Krakow from his youth, he had frequent and intensive contact with art. He studied classical and Polish philology at the Jagiellonian

University, in later years he left for Paris where he spent the rest of his life, sometimes visiting a friend in Brittany.

A frequent theme manifested in the painter's works were scenes from idyllic, rural life, but also theatrical performances, masked balls and masquerades.

Creativity features: passion for decorative Art Nouveau colours, interest in theatrical scenography, excellent play of lights and shadows, clear contour and geometric representation of forms.

Selected works: Railwaymen, Self-portrait with pallet and bird, Boys with pipes, Grandpa and Baba, Maskarada.

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