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Paintings reproductions - Władysław Ślewiński

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Władysław Ludwig Ślewiński (born 1 June 1856, died 24 March 1918 in Paris) is one of the representatives of Young Poland and Art Nouveau. His cousin was the painter Józef Chełmoński and it was he who persuaded the young Ślewiński to enrol in Wojciech Gerson's Drawing School. However, he quickly resigned from it, which absolutely did not prevent him from becoming an outstanding painter.

He started his artistic career relatively late. Practically all the years during which he worked he spent in France, to which he fled before the Financial Office after the defeat in the management of Pilaszkowice estate, which he inherited after his mother's death. Ślewiński's extraordinary skill was to show the mood in which the artist was while painting portraits, in accordance with the principles of synthetic painting, and nostalgia and longing for his homeland manifested itself in his work regardless of the country in which he was currently living.

Elements of creativity: love for the sea, which often appeared in his works, delicate, characteristic line, softness and fluidity of forms, linearity, skillful combination of simplicity and decorativeness, love for peaceful landscapes, raw views and modest colors.

Selected works:

Peonies, Orphan of Poronin, A brushed woman, A woman with red hair, Country girl in a yellow handkerchief.

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