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Paintings reproductions - Olga Boznańska

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Olga Helena Karolina Boznańska, coat of arms Nowina (born April 15, 1865 in Krakow, died October 26, 1940 in Paris). A painter of human souls, one of the most outstanding Polish artists of the Young Poland period. Her portraits brought her the greatest fame. She worked mainly in her atelier, the frequent motif of her paintings are the views from the window, which the painter observed on a daily basis. Boznańska, often as part of her studies, copied the works of old masters visiting Pinakoteka. She claimed that it was thanks to this that she learned to paint. Her stay in Munich was the most fertile period in the painter's life.

She reacted to accusations of criticism of sadness coming out of her paintings:

"What will I do that sad? I can't be other than I'm, like a sad base, everything that grows on it, sad must be..."

Boznańska died in her studio, alone, just like she lived. However, her paintings have remained alive forever, and the exhibitions of her paintings are still very successful today.

Selected works: Anemony, A girl with chrysanthemums, Grandma's name day, Portrait of a young woman in white, A portrait of two children on the stairs.

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