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Zygmunt Waliszewski (born December 1, 1897 in St. Petersburg, died October 5, 1936 in Cracow) is a Polish painter and draughtsman who belonged to the capists (a group of painters from Pankiewicz's studio, who shaped the form in colour). The artist gained his first contact with art while studying under Vogel's tutelage, then he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. At the age of 11, he presented his works at the exhibition "A Wonderful Child".

Creativity features: passion for landscapes, portraits and still life, numerous references to old painting, interest in acts and motifs of dell'arte comedies, drawing on patterns referring to folk art.

Despite his serious illness and relatively short life, he left behind a rich artistic output.

Selected works: Autoportrait in red scroll, Landscape from Meaux.

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