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Paintings reproductions - Auguste Renoir

Auguste Renoir (born February 25, 1841, died December 3, 1919) is a painter born in the French town of Limoges and comes from a working class family. Before he was completely devoted to art, he worked on decorating porcelain, curtains and Chinese fans. He began learning painting under the wings of Charles Glerye.

Auguste Renoir is one of the Impressionists, but he never created classic landscapes and postcards. He is much more absorbed by female silhouettes and botanical plant motifs. The author often created Coin in the open air with his friend. It was a period in which he became particularly interested in the issues of light and colours.

The artisan died of pneumonia at the age of 78. The disease tormented him for a significant part of his life.

Selected works: Liza with an umbrella, two sisters on the terrace, theatrical lodge, Self-portrait, By the water, Umbrellas, Breakfast for rowers.

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