Paintings reproductions - Pieter Bruegel

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Pieter Bruegel (born around 1525 in Broghel near Breda, died 9 September 1569 in Brussels). Due to the subject matter of his paintings, he was called a peasant painter. An excellent expert in the human soul, he came from a family of many excellent artists.

In his work he often used ugliness and grotesque, with the greatest detail and ruthlessness he showed human defects, vices and imperfections. He also ridiculed and ridiculed folk wisdom, proverbs and customs. The painter's paintings often depicted landscapes against the background of which typical scenes from the life of rural residents took place, such as feasts, weddings or moments of heavy work in the field.

His most famous works can be admired in the Vienna museum.

Selected works: Carnival fight against fasting, Children's games, Gargantua and Pantagruel, Tower of Babel, Fall of Icarus.

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