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Paintings reproductions - Edgar Degas

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Edgar Degas (born 19 July 1834 in Paris, died 27 September 1917 in Paris) is a French painter and sculptor. Born in the family of a wealthy banker, he initially painted contemporary and historical genre scenes. However, he is best known for his paintings depicting dancing women - most often ballet dancers. He started to create his first works even before he was 18 years old.

At the end of his life he was in decline in health, especially his sense of sight. At that time he focused on sculpture and pastels, because these techniques did not require sharp eyesight.

Degas is considered to be one of the impressionists, but his works often bear the hallmarks of realistic and romantic art.

Selected Works: Arabian End, Blue Dancers, Primabalerina, Absinth, Dance Lessons, Paris Opera Orchestra.

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