Paintings reproductions - Edouard Manet

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Edouard Manet (born on 23 January 1832 in Paris, died on 30 April 1883) is a French painter, born in a well-off family. Manet's first encounter with art takes place thanks to the future artist's uncle to the Louvre. After several unsuccessful attempts to find his way in life (plan of legal career, attempt to join the navy) he managed to convince his father to start his artistic career.

Manet is considered to be one of the precursors of Impressionism. The characteristic feature of the artist's work was his love for shock to his audience. Several of his works were accepted as inferior and shameless at that time.

Selected works: Shouting, Vampire, Madonna, Anxiety, Self-portrait in the clinic, Kiss, Jealousy, Death in the patient's room.

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