Paintings reproductions - Henri Rousseau

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Henri Rousseau (born May 21, 1844 in Laval[1], died September 2, 1910[2] in Paris) is a French naive painter, classified as a primitive painter. The artist's life is surrounded by many legends, the authenticity of which has never been confirmed (participation in the Mexican Napoleon III campaign). The painter probably never left the borders of France.

The most famous of the works depicting the jungle, which Rousseau created solely on the basis of his imagination, represented it more beautiful and interesting than in reality. Although his talent was initially not received with enthusiasm, the author was appreciated by critics and audiences during his lifetime. He also found many followers and successors who continued his characteristic features of creativity.

Selected works: Self-portrait, Excise, Hungry Lion, Boy on the rocks, Exotic landscape, Footballers, Snake spell.

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