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Magnetic foils by meters are a practical and convenient solution for anyone who values perfect organization of information and space. Thanks to them, you will get a practical alternative to magnetic boards - use them in your company, office, or private space! Check out our range of customized magnetic foils and learn how to use them!

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Magnetic foil what is it

Magnetic foil - what is it? In our offer you will find a wide range of magnetic foils that will make your work and organization easier and more effective! You can choose either a foil that behaves like a magnet or a steel foil with attractive properties. What is the difference between them and what is their purpose?

Self-adhesive ferromagnetic foil is an excellent alternative to metal surfaces. Thanks to the appropriate content of iron filings in its structure it has the property to attract magnets. Use it to create a magnetic wall, stick it on doors or furniture creating a truly useful and practical surface. The ferromagnetic foil is perfectly matched with neodymium magnets that have a very big magnetic force and will hold even a thicker file of paper!

We also offer magnets by meters, which will let you create magnets of a desired size or shape in a trivial way. Just cut it yourself! You can use it directly on blackboards or metal surfaces, but you can also use it to create other accessories that will stick to this type of surfaces - decorative magnets or magnetic accessories.

Each of the foils offered by us can be individually cut to the desired size or shape with ordinary scissors. It is an extremely practical and universal advantage both for DIY enthusiasts and for demanding owners of companies, production halls and warehouses. Magnetic metre-long films are a great solution for anyone who would like to facilitate their organizational processes and create a practical space for storing documents, notes or graphics. Magnetic self-adhesive foils are also an excellent way to mark production machines or goods in storage halls.

Self-adhesive magnetic foil

Magnetic foils - Wally online store is a place where you will find products necessary for everyday work in the office, warehouse or production hall. Are you not sure which magnetic foil to choose? Contact us - we will be happy to help you choose the right product!

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