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Wallpaper Mountains Fp 1769

Modern Wall Murals for Living Rooms

Wallyboards wall mural is an impressive interior decoration that gives any room a unique, cozy atmosphere. Depending on the chosen design, it can optically enlarge the space or brighten up the living room. Transforming a living room or bedroom doesn't have to involve costly and time-consuming renovation – we prepare custom-sized products, ready for application. The trendiest wall murals for living rooms allow for creating an original arrangement in any style, be it glamour, industrial, or rustic.

Modern Wall Murals for Living Rooms and Spaces – An Original Idea for Interior Makeover

With our wall murals, the arrangement possibilities are practically endless. The only limit in this case is your imagination. A fashionable wall mural can be used to decorate, for example, one wall or two opposite walls.

Thanks to easy installation, refreshing the interior according to your own idea will take just a moment! Besides, it's a long-term investment. Wallpapers for the living room available in our online store perfectly adhere to walls for many years.

What Kind of Wall Murals for Living Rooms and Living Spaces Are Available in Our Store?

In our online store, you will find modern wallpapers for living rooms and specific rooms – latex, non-woven, and structural vinyl. Before placing an order, it's worth checking how each proposal differs from the others.

Latex Wall Mural

Printed on velvety paper coated with latex, which gives it a unique look. It perfectly covers all unevenness and cracks on the walls. In the laminated version, it gains additional protection against mechanical damage. Matte laminate also protects the wallpaper from UV radiation, keeping the colors deep for longer. It also makes it easier to keep the wall mural clean – any dirt can be wiped off with a damp cloth.

Latex Wall Mural

Non-woven Wall Mural

Smooth Non-woven Wall Mural 350g

The wall mural made of matte, light-reflecting non-woven fabric is intended for mounting on smooth surfaces. The thick material perfectly masks minor imperfections on the walls. It's easy to remove small contaminants from the wall mural. The safety of use is confirmed by the B1, M1, and Euro flammability certificates.


Vinyl Wall Mural Sand Structure 215g

The thick material, with an even sand structure, effectively hides surface irregularities. Resistant to use, it features a semi-gloss surface. It has FSC, CE safety certifications, and flame resistance C-s2, d0. Perfect for high-quality interiors, public use buildings, and exhibitions.

Structural Sand Wall Mural

Structural Stripe Wall Mural

Vinyl Wall Mural with Stripe Structure 270g

Our offer also includes vinyl wall murals with a striped structure. They are perfect for rooms with uneven walls and can be applied to grainy surfaces. They are characterized by flame resistance C-s2, d0.

What Makes Wallyboards Wall Murals Stand Out?

  • Perfectly customized size for customer's order.
  • Deep, eye-catching color palette.
  • Perfect detail reproduction.
  • Possibility to prepare the wall mural based on a photo sent by the customer.
  • Eco-friendly inks – safe for health and environmentally friendly.

Wall Mural Specifications

The table below presents the detailed specifications of non-woven, latex, and vinyl wall murals.

Latex / Laminated Latex Wall MuralNon-woven Wall MuralStructural Vinyl Wall Mural
Materialvelvety paper coated with latex 212gmatte non-woven fabric 350gfabric coated with a layer of vinyl
sand - 215g
stripes - 270g
Mounting Surfacesmooth surfaces, the wallpaper hides minor imperfectionsgrainy surfaces allowed, masks irregularities
Installation Methodusing wallpaper glue, edge to edge
Useful AccessoriesMetylan Special glueMetylan Direct glueMetylan Special glue
Flame Retardancy Certificate-yes - B1flame resistance C-s2, d0
Installation in High Humidity Areas-yes

Division of Wall Mural for Living Room and Spaces

Each roll has a maximum width of 100 cm.

Order Fulfillment Time

The selected wall mural will be produced within 3–5 business days after payment is recorded. The courier shipment will arrive at the address specified in the order within a maximum of two business days from the time of dispatch.

This product is made to order, according to specifications provided by the customer, and produced upon placing an order. Please consider your purchases carefully.
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Wallpaper Mountains Fp 1769
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Wallpaper Mountains Fp 1769
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