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Stencils trees

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Crying willows, slender birches and spreading chestnut trees are a large part of our landscape. We pass them every day on the way to work, afternoon walks, family trips ... But usually we don't pay enough attention to them, and their beauty is often breathtaking, just a glance at them! Especially for all lovers of nature, trees and forests we have prepared an offer of painting stencils with a theme of trees, which allow you to enjoy their beauty in the privacy of your home or apartment!

Owl Painting Stencil 1353See more details

Owl Painting Stencil 1353

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Painting Stencil Tree 1104See more details

Painting Stencil Tree 1104

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Painting Stencil 2116See more details

Painting Stencil 2116

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Creative painting stencils - trees

Stencils with tree motifs are extremely popular among customers who appreciate unusual decorative solutions. Our creative decorations fit perfectly into any modern furnished and decorated room. They can also be successfully used for Art Nouveau style furnishings, where floral motifs prevail. The high quality and professional workmanship of the designs makes the room acquire a specific, almost idyllic character and an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and free reflection.

The variety of patterns allows to decorate each room remarkably, transforming the whole living space into a kind of mysterious garden. Gentle curves and minimalistic colours favour rest and provide the room's occupants with a sense of mental comfort, safety and relaxing relaxation.

Where will you use our tree theme stencils?

You can use our stencils wherever you need a quick and impressive change. Arrange a romantic tree in your bedroom to give it a natural, relaxing character - use delicate, pastel-coloured paint for this. Strong forest accents, such as the spreading of chestnuts or the expressive bonsai trees, will work well in your living room.

Stencils with a tree motif can also be used in a café, beauty salon, spa, florist or romantic restaurant!

Choose your favourite tree and arrange it on the walls of your apartment!

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