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How to choose a decorative poster for your room?

Accessories - i.e. paintings, posters and trinkets are what gives the interior character, or "introduces atmosphere". One of such accessories, which are certainly worth having in your apartment, are decorative posters. Why? First of all, they are very universal and affordable at the same time. In stationary and online shops you will find plenty of proposals, from reproductions of works by well-known and popular artists to funny or motivating inscriptions.

Poster - how to choose?

Posters are a great way to express your personality by reproducing your favourite pictures, motifs, or finally bands and films. With posters you can bring any room to life in the blink of an eye - not just the living room or bedroom. What's more, with the right arrangement you can achieve an interesting effect. When it comes to choosing a poster, there are no rigid rules. But we'd be happy to share a few suggestions with you, which you can take inspiration from.

For example, in the bedroom, it is worth hanging posters in some way to reflect your character and personality. An interesting idea will be for example graphics with zodiac constellations or animals. In the home office or in a learning or reading corner you can put motivational slogans or favourite quotes. They will help you create a personalized space where you will feel fully comfortable.

In the case of the salon, all kinds of reproductions, graphics or works of famous poster masters are perfect. They not only bring the interior to life, but also give a clear message that this house is home to a person who has perfect taste! You can also hang posters in the hallway - for example film or music posters. This way you can create an interesting effect of a cinema or theatre lobby, and bring this often neglected part of the apartment to life.

You can also hang posters in the kitchen or bathroom! Of course, properly secured. For example, herbal drawings, still-life food stuff, or funny style inscriptions are perfect for the kitchen: "A good day starts with coffee." As far as the bathroom is concerned, botanical posters will be a beautiful and universal accent, for example, with the leaves of fashionable monsters, exotic palms, clouds... that is everything that will allow you to create an atmosphere of home spa and relaxation.

How do I choose a poster size?

Size selection depends on the effect you want to achieve. From posters of different sizes you can create an original collage that will liven up your interior and make it more interesting. This solution will work best in a modern, monochromatic room or raw lofts with large walls.

The posters will not only add colourful accents but also a kind of texture and multidimensionality. When creating a poster collage it is worth making sure there is a 1.5 cm gap between the posters. Before installing the collage it's a good idea to put all the posters on the floor to see how they will look. If you want to put on traditional posters, make sure that the graphics are big enough not to "die" on your wall. The area of a large poster should be approximately 60% of the wall area.

Scandinavian posters, modern or retro?

This obviously depends on the style of the interior design. Scandinavian posters are very versatile and will find their place in rustic, retro and boho space, as well as in a minimalist, austere interior. Modern posters look great in a modern lofts, and retro posters will complement the look of a vintage interior.

You will find posters for each room in our shop!

In our offer you will find a wide range of posters that will fit every room! We have prepared for you all the proposals described above - botanical, zoological, artistic posters, with motivating inscriptions, so you can easily choose the graphics best suited to your interior vision. What is more, the prices of our posters are extremely affordable!

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